Our e-Learning portal provides tutorials and interactive lessons to teach you how to get the most out of our products

GameDay Ecosystem

Key Features

  • Online learning for GameDay Membership & Events

  • Online learning for GameDay Competitions & Tournaments

  • Interactive video content assists your learning

  • Trackable progress for each user

  • Receive a certificate upon completion of each course

  • Links to key resources & FAQs


Resource Centre

An integrated Resource Centre is available in-platform for GameDay and Passport full of interactive onboarding guides and list of recent releases to get you up and running.

Key Features

  • Step-by-step onboarding guides covering key features

  • Available entirely in-platform

  • Blend of written and video content to cater to all learning styles

  • Trackable progress for each user

  • Repeatable and always available

  • List of recent releases to keep you up to date

Training Videos

Our YouTube channel includes a suite of training videos designed to give new or experienced users a step-by-step overview of the key features of GameDay and Passport

Key Features

  • Dedicated Training playlists

  • Covers each key feature of GameDay and Passport

  • Integrated with Resource Centre guides and Knowledge Base articles

  • New content updated regularly

  • Feature release videos available for recent releases


Knowledge Base

Our comprehensive Knowledge Base gives users a complete directory of help guides and FAQs to support all platform features across GameDay and Passport

Key Features

  • Combines written guides and video content

  • Comprehensive support for all processes and procedures across GameDay and Passport

  • Constantly updated with new features and changes

  • Articles available via in-platform widget

  • Speak to our dedicated support team when further assistance is needed

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Passport Support

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