Our Partners

It is often the teams, communities and partners around us that help us win in sports and at GameDay we’re no different. Take a look at the partners below we work with day in day out today out to help reach, impact and improve the sporting lives of all our users.


Community & Events


Industry Partners

As a provider to the grassroots sports industry we must constantly evolve and innovate our technology to meet the ever changing needs of players, coaches, referees, administrators and their respective governing bodies all over the world

That’s why we partner with a number of regional and global industry partners who help us keep on top of the pulse in grassroots and community sport all over the world. These partners connect like-minded technology companies, promote active participation in adults and young people, as well as inform and influence policy in sport. We aim to keep ourselves at the core of how sports continues to change.

Community & Event Partners

At the heart of our business is a drive to support and boost grassroots participation in sport. To do that, we have a commitment to working with the communities, leaders and voices across the full spectrum of global sports. We partner with a number of leading community and event organisations who promote, support and organise a large number of initiatives and thought-leadership in sport so that we can continue our support alongside them.

Government Partners

GameDay partners with a number of governments and government funded programs in order to facilitate and support the use of voucher schemes and other initiatives that promote active participation for children across Australia as well as help reduce the cost of participation. We’re proud to play a part in removing barriers to entry for grassroots sports.


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