As your technology partner, we take our responsibility of security and compliance extremely seriously. We aim to provide you with the peace of mind that we maintain the strictest possible standards when handling the processing of your data.


GDPR & Privacy

Data Security



GameDay platforms come with a fully integrated payment gateway, which makes accepting and processing online payments available for all organisations using our platforms. Our gateways are fully PCIDSS and compliant, utilising the latest secure authentication methods like two-factor authentication and fraud prevention tools.

  • Online Payments – Integrated gateway with a range of payment options for your members and participants

  • Refunds – Process customer refunds in alignment with your own policies, plus easily track all of those processed to date

  • Weekly Settlements – Regular weekly payouts so you can stay on top of cashflow

  • Reconciliation Reports – Easily keep on top of all of your settlements and individual transactions for your reporting purposes

  • Unique Referencing – Simplify your reconciliation process with unique codes and references

GDPR & Data Privacy

GameDay takes the privacy, security and management of our customers’ and their proprietary data extremely seriously. We have robust and regularly tested measures in place to ensure that we’re maintaining the highest possible safety and regulatory standards possible.


Right to Access

Right to be Forgotten

Data Portability

Breach Notification

For all of our customers, where possible we ensure that the functionality, security and reporting capabilities allow you to adhere to your own compliance requirements. This includes everything from mandatory opt-ins, permissions, audit logs, communications and more.

For all of the individuals whose data we process on behalf of our customers, we aim to be as transparent as possible in how and why we process this information through our platforms. Our policy documentation is available via our privacy policy which is where you can also send a request directly to us.

Data Security

Our compliance programs are supported by the powerful controls in place at AWS to maintain security and data protection in the cloud. By tying together governance-focused, audit-friendly service features with applicable compliance and audit standards we offer robust controls and security for our all of our customers and their data-subjects. Have a look below at some of our key compliance standards, and our product features aimed at maintaining secure controls and protection regarding data and platform usage with GameDay.

Compliance Standards

  • PCI DSS Level 1

  • 3D Secure (SCA)

  • GDPR Compliant

  • WCAG 2.1 Level A & AA standards

Product Features

  • Access Management – Control who can access and at which level

  • Permissions – Specific permission sets for your organisations

  • Audit Logs – Comprehensive logs of user activity at every level

  • Administrator Reports – Monitor status of all Administrators

If you need any more information regarding our data security standards, please contact us

Infrastructure & API

GameDay utilises Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting solutions to provide infrastructure for all of our customer and development platforms. Cloud security at AWS is the highest priority, and it means we inherit best practices and benefit from a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations.
We take advantage of AWS’ global reach and therefore have hosting services located in multiple geographies to assist with compliance depending on your location.

Our infrastructure is designed and managed in alignment with the highest security standards and means we can offer scalability and stability. We consistently adhere to our service level target of 99.5% up-time, meaning we’re never interrupted even during peak event and registration periods.

Our standards also extend into the work we do with third-party integrations built to connect your wider digital ecosystem.

Our APIs, organised around REST, offer predictable resource-oriented URLs, form-encoded request bodies, JSON-encoded responses, and adhere to standard HTTP protocols including response codes, authentication, and verbs. They provide a robust and secure mechanism for retrieving data from the product.

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