Version 1.9

  • This update contains a number of fixes to continue to improve stability and overall performance.

  • Fix for certain calendar months were days were missing on the list games date picker.

  • Fix to validate official codes to ensure that where two leagues shared devices only officials registered with the relevant league can sign off the game.

  • Fix for Edit clock in the game screen where the clock didn’t always set to zero when the button was tapped.

  • Fix for an issue affecting some users where SetupID & CourtID are not retained when the app is closed

Functional Enhancements:
  • Team logos now display in the app displaying if instead of the default jersey icon (if a team has no logo the club logo will be displayed).

  • Search functionality has been updated to accommodate partial search and handle names with special characters.

  • Update to allow validation of Setup Key & Court ID when no games are scheduled within 3 days

  • Update to support the scenario where a participant is added via search where they are registered as both a player and a coach

  • Updates to prompt scorers to start the game clock before they are able to actions in the game.

  • Users can now keep track of the possession arrow within the app.

  • If a game is enabled for Glory League an icon will display to flag this

Other Upgrades:
  • Several upgrades have been made behind the scenes to further support our integration with Glory League.

  • Update to the version of React Native powering the app

  • Preemptive changes to support the arrival of iOS 13