Our November releases focused on the following;

New Features:

  • Ability for admins to add membership to members and process payments and record offline transactions
  • Loading indicator on Global Search to let users know search is in progress
  • Implemented updates to user groups in Sisense to enhance data security
  • PCI-related compliance updates
  • Major refactor of the application code (ongoing)
  • Ongoing UI enhancements
  • Updates to Login Screens for Admin Portal and Registration Forms to make it responsive for different screen sizes
  • Updates to Registration form display
  • Product Descriptions will now be displayed on the products screen in Registration Forms
  • Age Rules Enhancements – Streamlined age rules setup for Product and Form Questions and Added new Registration date option for age rules
  • Introduced a new Core Member Type; Miscellaneous
  • Session Timeout after 30 minutes of Inactivity
  • Additional fields in Organisation Details page
  • Other small general system enhancements

Functionality Changes:

  • Order Detail page cleanup
  • Showing Org Hierarchy Levels Dynamically

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed issue in clearance to not allow clearance from same organisation and only display clearance data for related organisations
  • Fixed issues in batch jobs to set member status and financial status correctly
  • Clean up layout for Email Templates
  • Validation against creating duplicate admin users with the same email at same organisations
  • Issues related to Sisense Reporting
  • Fixed issue with duplicated Settlement Items. Data cleanup completed for affected organisations and transactions
  • Some other minor bug fixes and resolving support requests