Our May releases are related to the following:

New features:

  • New report allowing organisations to see if members have purchased a product more than once within the same season so they can issue a refund
  • Courtside: New report that allows organisations to report on the configuration codes for Courtside
  • Courtside: New report created to allow organisations using Courtside to report on those players that have been manually added via the app.
  • Courtside: National sporting bodies are now able to report on how many of their organisations in their hierarchy use Courtside.
  • Courtside: associations now have the ability to turn on/off manually adding players to Courtside.
  • Returning to sport: new report created to allow organisations to report on member information, teams and venues etc if an instance of COVID-19 is reported so organisations can quickly contact affected persons.
  • Organisations can now cap the margin of victory for teams within the ladder template, so that if a game is a blowout it does not affect the ladder too much.

Functionality changes:

  • Team players/contacts report now has the ability to be exported via email
  • Courtside: Associations now able to bulk allow their competitions to only use overtime in finals

Resolved issues:

  • Custom data no longer disappearing when members duplicate resolve either the new or existing record.