GameDay understands the need to completely digitise the match day experience from end to end. Using existing functionality, GameDay users have long been able to make pre-game player, team staff and match official allocations, record player & team stats and scores and create and manage detailed match day reporting.
However there was one pice of the jigsaw that was missing, which related to tracking match day attendance and team sheet sign-off which still meant the printing of team sheets or hand-written team sheets are still a common occurrence in community sport.
GameDay is excited to announce that we are investing in QR Code technology to be able to deliver a complete digital experience for player, parents, coaches, team managers and match officials. The first iteration of this will be available in the coming weeks and we’d love to have users trial this feature throughout the 2023 season.
How will this work?

3 easy steps to explain how this will work:
  1. Member Profile: 
    Player/Parent or Guardian will access a QR Code Membership Card via a Member Profile 

  2. Pre-Game:
    Team Manager/Coach selects players before the Match via the Online Match Results Portal

  3. Match Day:
    Team Manager/Coach will be able to activate QR Code scanning technology using their Mobile Phone or Tablet Device in the Pre-Game screen of the Online Match Results Portal to scan QR Code Membership Card in order to record attendance on Match Day

What are the benefits?

  • QR Code Capability & Match Day Attendance
  • Attendance is recorded in the system and timestamped
  • QR Code Membership Cards & Attendance Tracking
  • Generated for all member records
  • Can be used multiple times
  • Store Membership Card in Apple/Google Wallet
  • Able to be used for match day attendance tracking
  • Remove the need to print Team Sheets for signatures
  • Good for the environment!

  • Pilot Organisations will be required to assist with testing!

    • Other Paperless Match Day Experience features:
      • “Did not Play” functionality
      • Match Locking Functionality
      • Edit Injury Submission
      • Concussion Management
    • Supporting enhancements
      • Mobile-friendly user experience
      • Dark-mode online results
      • QR Codes generated for all registration form links
      • QR Codes generated for all Passport Websites