On behalf of myself, our wonderful GameDay team, and the whole sporting community, I want to thank you for joining with us at the very start of our new GameDay Community.


What is GameDay Community? We are all part of the sports environment. We’re players and parents, we’re coaches and officials, we’re managers and admins, and volunteers and tech providers and sponsors and supporters. Sport is competitive, but it is also collaborative; and our sporting community likewise. When one of us wins, we all win, especially when it comes to grassroots sport and sports administration.


At GameDay, we’ve long had the mantra of ‘Sport made easy’ and GameDay Community is simply a place for anyone involved in running sport to share their wins, talk about challenges, seek guidance and help, and above all feel part of something bigger. GameDay Community is a place to share your good ideas, and your frustrations; your wins, and your ‘learning experiences’. Its place of ideas, inspirations, and friendships; its where you will hear from like-minded people, hear from people who will challenge you, or hear about your next opportunity to make a difference in sport.


We want to connect with you and we want you to connect with each other, because one thing we know for certain: good teams talk. By joining GameDay Community you’ll be joining a team of talkers and helpers and questioners and innovators, and you’ll be contributing to that conversation to the benefit of everyone.


So I thank you and I welcome you to GameDay Community!