As our Products transform & evolve, so does our business, logo and brand. You’ll see our new GameDay brand has started to roll-out across our various products & platforms.
We’re excited by this change and look forward to providing innovative and market-leading product software and solutions to the sports & events industry under our new GameDay brand.
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You’ll also start to see some of our GameDay sub-brand icons and logos (below) throughout our product suite. 

Below are some FAQs about the rebrand:

When is the rebrand happening?
You will start to notice the new GameDay brand and logo on Monday 1st March, 2021.

Why is SportsTG changing its name?
Our SportsTG brand has served us well for several years, we are now looking to refresh
the business and align our multiple product offerings under the one banner of GameDay.

What about Stack Sports?
Stack Sports is still our parent company, however we will now be known as GameDay with our products branded as GameDay, powered by Stack Sports.

Are you going to be changing what you do?
No. Our aims, vision and mission remain unchanged. We are a global leader in integrated
sports technology and cater to organisations of all sizes, from National Governing Bodies
to Grassroots Clubs, Charities, Foundations & Elite Sports Teams.

What is being rebranded?
We will be replacing the former SportsTG logo and associated brand with our new GameDay logo throughout our product suite. This will include login portals, app icons, website banners & footers along with sales & marketing collateral.

Will the name of each product change?
Mostly yes, there will be a slight change to the name of each of our main Products.
  • GameDay (our next-gen Membership & Events platform) will remain as GameDay
  • Passport (our flagship Membership & Competition management platform) will become GameDay Passport
  • Classic (our Membership, Events & Fan Membership platform) will become GameDay Classic
  • OST (our mass participation Events platform) will become GameDay OST
What about your other products like Courtside & Schedula?
Courtside & Schedula will remain the same name, however they will also be getting a new logo and an updated brand presence aligning with our core GameDay brand.
Will the URLs to access each product change?
No, for now, all URLs  will remain the same so you don’t need to update any links for the time being.
What about the online help & support centres?
There will be a slight change to the online help/support centre URL for each product:
  • GameDay will remain the same:
  • Passport will change to:
  • Classic & OST will change to:
The Customer Support team will also have a new email: [email protected]

What about email addresses?
We will have new email address in the following format: [email protected]
Our SportsTG and Stack Sports email addresses will be redirected to our new
email accounts.

What about your website and social media channels?
We have a fantastic new website at Anyone who visits our
previous website will be redirected to this new site.
Our social media pages will be:

How are you letting everyone know?
Our rebrand and change of name has been planned for some time and will not come as a surprise to our community and partners. We will be updating our social media channels, providing insight via our regular newsletters and contacting customers via email.

I have questions about the rebrand process, who can I speak to?
Any member of our team will be happy to chat with you. Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected] and our customer support team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.