The Australian Underwater Federation (AUF) is the governing body for underwater sports and amateur diving in Australia. 

An accredited member of Sport Australia, they act as the umbrella organisation for a number of different disciplines and recreations, including underwater hockey, spearfishing, fin swimming and underwater rugby.

AUF recently moved to GameDay’s latest membership and events platform, where all registrations are now managed.

Graham Henderson, President of the Australian Underwater Federation, said: “The Australian Underwater Federation has recently upgraded to the GameDay Platform. 

“This platform offers our organisation greater flexibility to deal with members’ needs. It gives us the ability to spot membership trends and a greater flexibility in forecasting and reporting. 

“We now have an easy way of communicating with individual members and member groups. 

“As we are a multi-sport organisation, the platform allows us to offer a diverse range of memberships and products to cater to individual needs, something we haven’t had in the past.”

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