We are proud to be shining a spotlight on some of the organisations that are part of our GameDay Marketplace. 
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This week, we will learn more about TidyHQ

Who are TidyHQ?

TidyHQ is the all-in-one platform that helps sports organisations with the running of their committee and back office operations, making it easier to onboard and retain volunteers and administrators.
You can use tools to run meetings, store documents and manage interactions with all of your stakeholders – beyond the members that you can sync across from GameDay Passport.
TidyHQ is making administration simpler, run better – now and for future generations.
They offer a full suite of administration tools to help your sports organisation run and grow. 
Get started with free tools, integrate GameDay in to your TidyHQ account and have a platform to grow your volunteer base, ready for the next generation of administrators.
TidyHQ can be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
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