As part of our continued evolution of the GameDay View product, a new version of GameDay View has recently been released.

In late 2022, we soft-launched a more streamlined user experience for customers using GameDay View to be able to access the innovative Business Intelligence & Insights tool directly from their GameDay or Passport account.

We have also made significant updates to the underlying technology supporting GameDay View and are confident these upgrades will provide: 

  • an even better user experience for GameDay View users 

  • increased speed of the dashboards

  • additional filtering options for your data & insights providing maximum flexibility

  • ability to scale the product for more and more users as usage continues to grow

Following a successful trial period, we are excited to announce that we are proceeding with a transition to an embedded version of GameDay View which will be extended to all customers in the coming months to be able to access as part of a subscription based model – keep an eye out for more information over the coming months!

Below is an example of the GameDay View Dashboard embedded into GameDay product:

Below are some FAQs for new and existing GameDay View Customers:

Have I lost any data during this transition to a new version of GameDay View?

  • No, there is no loss of data. You will have greater flexibility to manage the data and insights with the new version.

How do I access GameDay View?

Why this change?

There’s a few reasons why we’re making this change;

  • One of the requests we’ve been receiving is for full integration of GameDay View within the existing GameDay products so users don;t have to access this data via a separate login

  • It is so much easier (whether you are a sports admin, or a CEO, or an analyst) to just have one username and password to access the entire ecosystem (GameDay + View + Marketplace)

  • We want to make sure the user experience for GameDay View is the best it possibly can be and these changes make GameDay View an even better product

  • We can extend the usage of GameDay View to all customers from International & National Governing bodies right down to Associations & Clubs

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about GameDay View via our Website or by contacting our sales team.

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