GameDay is excited to announce that we are in the process of revamping our GameDay Passport Websites that are primarily used to display competition-related data, fixtures, results, tables/ladders and competition statistics.

Our website network continues to serve millions of visitors each and every month and is still one of the largest grassroots sporting networks of sites in our traditional markets of Australia and New Zealand and growing in new regions across Asia-pacific, North America, Europe and the United Kingdom & Ireland.

The investment we are making in our products and services shows our commitment to our long-standing customers who rely on GameDay for their core Membership & Competition Management solutions and to ensure we stay ahead of the game and continue to attract new and exciting partners to use our digital solutions throughout the world.

As part of this change, we are streamlining the designs of the Passport Website network which will impact some customers utilising our former “Advanced” website offering – we’ll explain a bit more about that in the FAQs below.

We are also aiming to consolidate some of the features we offer as part of the Passport Website solution which will mean some features will be retired – details of which you can also find in the FAQs below.

Some highlights of the updated passport websites include:

  • Streamline of all Fixtures, Results, Ladders and Stats pages

  • Updated menu and navigation design

  • Fresh update to the look and feel of the websites while retaining custom colours to ensure your sites still have that unique look and feel

  • Less intrusive advertising placements to allow your competition data to stand out including removal of right-hand advertising widgets on all Fixtures, Results, Ladders and Stats pages

  • Updated custom and social media widgets while retaining prominence of Major sponsor widget

  • Increased page width, improved usability and navigation in a mobile-first design

Some future enhancements that will be part of a future release will include:

  • QR code integration to allow you to easily download a QR Code from your website to easily direct player, parents, and fans to your website & competition statistics

  • Direct access to your website via GameDay Passport Competition Management platform

We’re very excited to launch these updates in only a few weeks and we’re sure you’ll love them just as much as we have enjoyed designing and building them!

Some further previews of the designs are below:

Below are some further details on how this change will work along with some FAQs


When will this change happen?

Users will start to see changes rolled out from 31 March 2023.

I have an “Advanced” Passport Website – what does this change mean?

You will be contacted directly by GameDay if this change affects your organisation (provided you are listed as a Website Editor). However, more generally, this change means we will have to remove any custom features that were part of the former “Advanced” website offering.

This includes customer widgets, custom home pages, and any custom design elements that were implemented as part of the Advanced website implementation. All Advanced Websites were built on to your existing Standard Website template.

What options do I have?

Majority of customers have already transitioned away from using our legacy Advanced Website product and have upgraded to a GameDay WordPress templated website.

From 31 March 2023, your website will revert back to a standard GameDay Passport website template. You do have the option to upgrade to a pro or premium website template with an annual fee based on the package you select. These website packages are designed to provide customers with an enhanced website experience built on a WordPress platform and also provide integration to GameDay Competition Management & Event Management platforms.

You can learn more about the available website packages by contacting our sales team or when liaising directly with a GameDay team member.

If you wish to stay on a standard website template – you do not have to do anything. You may just need to ensure the content looks correct after the website has been reverted – after 31 March 2023.

What happens if I choose to stay on a Standard Website template?

  • Any custom-designed elements that were previously configured by GameDay to your website will be removed

  • You will still have access to the same content and data you previously had on your website

What happens if I choose to upgrade to a GameDay Elite website?

  • You will need to go through the onboarding process and set-up of the new website and provide any website assets, images, colours to our team to assist with the set-up

  • Training will be provided to get you started with your new website

  • You will need to add any content to your website from scratch

  • Any data from your old website will need to be downloaded and saved as your old website will be redirected to your new Elite website

  • Once you’re ready to go live, you will be invoiced annually for your chose website package

Will any website content or data be lost as part of this change?

No, all website content and data will not be affected by this change. All your competition data will continue to feed directly to your website as per normal.

What features of the Passport Website are going to be discontinued?

The Passport Websites will continue to be supported as an entry-level Website solution for customers wishing to utilise GameDay as their main Club or Association website.

As part of this change, some older features will be retired from 31 March 2023:

  • Custom Banners

  • Ladder Widgets in the Right-hand Panel

  • Trophy Room

  • Custom Fixture Layouts

  • Font selection in Menus

  • Custom background colours

  • Ladder Predictor

  • Competition Reports Page

  • Competition Round Summary Page

We understand that these changes may have an impact on some users however, we’re confident the improvements we are making will ensure the websites will be an overall major improvement for all users.

Are there any extra costs?

No, the GameDay Passport Websites continue to be a free inclusion for all customers utilising GameDay for Competition Management 

Why this change?

There’s a few reasons why we’re making this change, however the main reason is we want to ensure we continue to invest in our products & solutions to keep them modern and relevant to the changing needs of our customers. But below are a few other reasons why:

  • Improve user experience and streamlined interface

  • Less intrusive advertising

  • Consolidate our product offering

  • Improve website stability and load times

  • Mobile-first design

  • Make your competition data stand out

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about the settlement process via GameDay Support or by contacting our customer support team.

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