Our October releases are related to the following:

New features:

  • Live scoring was created for Rugby Union
  • Product items (like shirt size etc) added against a product can now be made active/inactive (which means they will/won’t show against a product on a form depending on the setting)

Functionality changes:

  • Organisational team sheet changes
  • Conditional products now have the ability to only set rules for these products based on the level the products were created at
  • Those organisations using the “average match point” ladder template field, now automatically calculates to 3 decimal places within the database and website
  • Multiple programs can now be selected when reporting on Programs
  • Accreditation information changes for Basketball Australia users
  • Award passwords for associations are hidden/hashed out when viewing them from state level

Resolved issues:

  • Emergency players on teams are no longer counting towards player point totals for specific users
  • Secondary pricing now displays correctly when a player pays exactly 30 days prior to the expiry date
  • Fields are now not displaying on member profiles when set to hidden or let levels below choose