It's time for our round-up of the latest happenings from the world of sports technology.

The age of 4K content

Global Media organisation MediaKind have teamed up with New Digital Technology to enable the delivery of high-quality recorded 4K content for Beijing Radio & Television’s (BTV) winter sporting events channel. The entire project, which was carried out and on-air in less than three months, is the first 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) channel broadcast on satellite in China. 

Japan spending big on technology for absent Olympics fans

The Independent have reported that Japan’s top telecommunications company will receive around $67 million in taxpayer money to design mobile tracking software to curb the spread of coronavirus infections during the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. The move has drawn some criticism, given the recent announcement that overseas fans will be unable to travel due to the “challenging” COVID-19 situation in the country.

Growth of the market

Research from ReportLinker suggests the value of the global sports technology market is set to reach $45.8 billion by 2027. That figure is almost four times the current market estimate of $12 billion.  

AFL using ‘smart’ technology as part of concussion studies

The Australian Football League (AFL) will embrace technology in the rollout of two major concussion projects in an effort to better understand head trauma and how to protect the health and safety of its players. Eye-tracking technology and mouthguard-based sensors will allow further data to be gathered on the link between concussion and head knocks. 

The value of data

SportsPro Media have been discussing how data will continue to be a valuable commodity within the sports marketing industry as countries recover following the COVID-19 pandemic. Giles Morgan, industry consultant, believes that brands can only operate effectively when they properly gather and refine audience data.

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