Our April releases include some important updates and new features outlined below:

New Features:

  • Gender Identity Capability – click here for more info
    • Update terminology for existing Gender field to: Assigned Gender at Birth
    • Create a new field wherever Gender is asked with the field name Gender Identity
    • Where Different Identity has been selected, a text response field will become available for the participant to enter this information
    • Integrate the Assigned Gender at Birth & Gender Identity fields into applicable field configuration, registration forms, member lists, member profile screens, reports & dashboards
    • For detailed support article – click here
Functionality Changes:
  • Allow club finders to be set internationally
  • Organisation/sport related teamsheet and reporting updates.

Resolved Issues:
  • Organisations were unable to filter members by gender in reporting.
  • Emails sent out via Passport Communicator were not sending out to members at all.
  • Delays in the publish to web for associations – publishes were taking hours to update on the web.