November 2021 releases are outlined below:

New Features:
  • Event Entry – More Info | Help Articles
    • Ability to create an event as “Event Entry” type (as opposed to Ticketing)
    • Event Entry events allows configuration of additional event features such as Event Participant IDs & Sub Events + more features to come
    • Event Entry Passes with integrated QR Codes & Digital Wallet passes
  • Sub-Events – More Info | Help Articles
    • Ability to create and manage registration for Sub-Events as part of an Event Entry event
    • Sub-events are linked to the selection of a main event product
    • Sub-event products can be created to collect entry into a sub-event
    • Conditional questions (based on selection of a Sub-event Product) can be configured to tailor the event entry registration form for each sub-event
    • Sub-Events can be used to separate entry into different types of events as part of a main Event (for example a 5km and 10km fun run can be two sub-events of a main running festival event)
  • Event Participant ID – More Info | Help Articles
    • Ability to generate an Event Participant ID rule
    • Event Participant ID rules can be linked to an Event Entry product
    • Event Participant ID rule can be used for a single event or across multiple Events
    • Event Participant IDs get assigned to Event Participants following successful registration to an Event

Functionality changes:
  • New design of PDF Tickets generated via GameDay Events
  • Help widget update to the latest version
  • International Bank Account fields made mandatory when adding a new bank account
    • IBAN
    • SWIFT/BIC Code
  • Default “All Member Types” for Member Type display rule when adding a new product or question to a form

Resolved issues: 
  • Support special characters to be used for member name fields in Admin portal
  • Inactive products displaying in product list filtered to Active
  • Payment error causing multiple payments for some customers
  • Other bug fixes and small enhancements