December 2021 releases are outlined below:

Major Release:

    In a first release of it’s kind for GameDay, during the initial BETA release phase, users will be able to familiarise themselves with the new layout by toggling between the new layout and switching back to the current layout before we phase out the current layout in 2022.

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    With the new layout in a BETA phase, we acknowledge the new layout isn’t the finished product as there’s still a number of screens and pages to update, however we hope users will try this new layout and provide feedback over the coming weeks. Please forward product-related feedback to [email protected] (any usability issues should still be raised via normal support channels via [email protected])
            Key features:

      • Refresh of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for Membership, Competition management and all additional modules on GameDay Passport
      • Try New Layout / Switch to Current Layout toggle available in the top level navigation area – Help Article
      • New layout incorporates our new GameDay brand, look and feel
      • Main menu navigation moving to the left panel from the top
      • Ability to collapse and expand menu to allow full screen view
      • Search & Advanced search available in the top level navigation
      • Easy access to GameDay Community & GameDay Marketplace in top level navigation
      • Introduce direct access to GameDay Online Learning
      • Notifications widget moved up to top-level navigation with a count of notifications made clearer
      • Direct access to Product Updates in notifications widget
      • Incorporate new GameDay Help Widget
      • Personalised Avatar displaying initials of your First & Last name
      • Improved look & feel of dashboard graphs & reporting tool
      • Standardise components, buttons and screens throughout
      • Mobile optimisation of high-traffic pages
      • Other related workflow improvements, enhanced layout and improved navigation will continue to be rolled out in 2022 on the new layout

    GameDay Marketplace:
    • Teammo Product Integration – More Info | Help Article
      • Teammo and GameDay have partnered together to assists sports teams, clubs and associations in managing and simplifying their payment processes to collect payments relevant to Match Day – such as game fees, forfeits and other ad hoc fees.
      • This product integration is only available via GameDay Marketplace to all Associations transacting in Australian Dollars and with Competition Management enabled


    Functionality changes:
    • Ability to hide “Assigned Gender at Birth” field on Registration Forms
    • Ability to Include Parent Emails in automated Membership Period Renewal Emails
    • Ability to Include Parent Emails in automated Product Renewal Emails
    • API Infrastructure Improvements

    Resolved issues: 
    • Other bugs and small enhancements