January 2022 releases are outlined below – our first release of the year!:

New Features:
  • Rokt Product Integration for Events & Membership – More Info

    • released on GameDay Event Registration forms
    • allows for future release of Rokt on GameDay Membership forms and other modules in the GameDay product suite
  • “New” feature icon added to GameDay user interface highlighting recently released features
  • “BETA” feature icon added to GameDay user interface highlighting features released for beta testing

Functionality changes:

  • Home Address & Postal Address returned on registration forms where this data is already saved
  • Update Payment Summary/Invoice terminology to “Payment Receipt” throughout GameDay
  • Question Display Rule able to be set dependant to an add-on product
  • Removed the Paypal payment option when paying for an unpaid order in GameDay admin
  • Ability to View a larger image of the Add-on Product Image on registration form
  • UI updates for registration success email for Membership & Events
  • Scheduled system maintenance to upgrade the GameDay hosting environment to the latest version (24 January)

Resolved issues: 
  • GameDay admin login screen display issues on mobile device
  • ‘Allow only one Member Type’ checkbox now reflected at lower levels if set higher in the hierarchy
  • Fixed the manual add registration wizard via GameDay admin
  • Fix applied to a Product with online payment gateway only setting so it cannot use the manual “mark as paid” option
  • Emails going to all member rather than a specific selected Member Type in the Members by Member Type list
  • Exclude Add-On Products from events & memberships tab in Member Detail page

  • Update button text when adding existing Add-on Products for Event / Event Template
  • Update payment deducted from settlement amount on Settlement Tax Invoice to reflect the correct value
  • Remove permission-related messaging when loading Event edit screen
  • Other bug fixes and small enhancements