GameDay is pleased to announce that it will support our customers in Aotearoa New Zealand to meet the requirements of the Covid-19 Protection Framework by integrating the verification of a ‘My Vaccine Pass’ with online registration forms generated via GameDay Passport.

My Vaccine Pass is an official record of a Covid-19 vaccination status for use within Aotearoa New Zealand and is the only valid document that can be used to access events or venues that require proof of vaccination status as part of the Covid-19 Protection Framework.

This will allow customers on GameDay Passport that require members, event and program participants to have a valid My Vaccine Pass to verify this at the point of online registration, removing the burden of having to complete this verification in person. This will allow members, event and program participants to enter venues safely and without delay.

Danny Morrison, GameDay Commercial Director for New Zealand, said: “We’re excited to be supporting our valued clients with streamlining their administration processes in a very tough climate

“Sports operators, venues, and event providers are being asked to implement a large number of stringent procedures to ensure that gatherings and events can take place safely under the NZ Governments Covid-19 Protection Framework, and this additional functionality will give these sports administrators an added layer of confidence that they are taking all possible steps to keep our sporting community safe.”

GameDay has worked directly with the New Zealand Government’s Ministry of Health department to scope the integration and is currently in the final stages of planning the integration for development and release over the coming weeks.

So, how will this work?

  • GameDay Passport users will be able to add the NZ Covid Pass field to their online registration forms via the field configuration settings and choose whether to make this field mandatory or optional based on the requirements for the Membership, Event or Program
  • This will allow a person to scan their My Vaccine Pass QR code or upload a copy or image of their My Vaccine Pass via the online registration form.
  • GameDay will then facilitate an automated check of the My Vaccine Pass submitted with the Ministry of Health via the integration to verify the validity of the My Vaccine Pass
  • If the My Vaccine Pass is verified, the Ministry of Health will return Name, DOB, Expiry Date and a Verified status of the My Vaccine Pass. These details will be recorded against the Members record in GameDay and be available in reporting tools. 
  • GameDay will not store any copy of the My Vaccine Pass used in this process
  • If the My Vaccine Pass cannot be verified, the Ministry of Health will return a Not Verified status for the My Vaccine Pass which will not be recorded.
  • If the NZ Covid Pass field is mandatory, the registration will not be able to be finalised until a valid My Vaccine Pass has been verified via the integration with the Ministry of Health
  • If the NZ Covid Pass field is optional, it will be up to the member if they wish to complete the verification process for their My Vaccine Pass
This feature will be released in the coming weeks on GameDay Passport so keep an eye out for it in upcoming Passport Release Notes available here.

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For more information about My Vaccine Pass, click here. Details about the Technical information published to support COVID-19 Vaccine Pass and verifiers by the NZ Ministry of Health is available here.

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