PayPal Pay in 4 (for Australian customers) and Pay in 3 (for UK customers) has been designed for consumers who want an instalment payment plan for online purchases, and who want to pay for those eligible purchases over a short period of time in a safe and cost-efficient manner. 
Users of GameDay’s online registrations for members, teams, events or programs can now choose to utilise PayPal Pay in 4 (for Australian customers) and Pay in 3 (for UK customers) for eligible shopping cart amounts. 
For any transactions via GameDay, the order value needs to be between:
  • $30 to $1,500 for Australian Dollars
  • £30 to £2,000 for British Pounds
Importantly, there are no additional charges to clubs, sports organisations or event organisers where members or event participants choose to pay via PayPal Pay in 4 (for Australian customers) and Pay in 3 (for UK customers). 
The same low-cost processing fees applicable to your organisation will apply as if the member or event participant was paying in full via PayPal or their preferred Credit/Debit Card or via Apple Pay or Google Pay.
By using this service through PayPal and GameDay, organisations will be able to offer more flexible payment terms without compromising their cashflow, as the risk will be taken on by PayPal to manage the instalment payment process. 
PayPal Pay in 4 (for Australian customers) and Pay in 3 (for UK customers) is supported for GameDay Membership & Events & GameDay Passport.

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