As the majority of users have now transitioned to the new layout of GameDay Passport, the legacy layout can now be phased out from 1 November 2022.

This marks the final phase of this project where the new layout will be utilised by all users of GameDay Passport.

The new layout, comprising a refresh of the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for membership, competition management and all additional modules on GameDay Passport has been in BETA testing since December 2021 and became the default view from June 2021.

Throughout the last 9 months, all users have had the chance to familiarise themselves with the new layout by toggling between the legacy and new layout before the new layout became the default view from 01 June 2022. 

GameDay has received great feedback from users to improve the new layout over this time and had regular releases over this period addressing the feedback provided.

Mark Pititto, GameDay Senior Product Manager, said: “The interaction from our users and the feedback they have provided has been a valuable insight into how we have gone about improving the new layout during this BETA testing phase and ensuring the new layout is ready to be rolled out to all users to ensure a smooth transition.”

GameDay has also been busy ensuring all relevant support articles have been updated to reflect the new layout and will continue to build out additional resources to assist with the new layout being rolled out to users. 

For more information about the new layout of GameDay Passport – click here
Below is list of the related updates we’ve made throughout 2021 & 2022 related to the overall Product Refresh of GameDay Passport: