If you’re a match official working as part of a league affiliated with GameDay, the likelihood is that you’ve come across Schedula.

Along with distributing match appointments, Schedula is also used for the management of availability throughout the season.

Here’s a closer look at how Schedula works.

Match Officials

At the start of the season, officials are emailed login credentials to their registered email address. In order to access Schedula, officials must advise the league of a valid, unique email address that is accessible.

When logging into Schedula, officials will be presented with a customised dashboard. This screen brings together match appointments, availability and messages from the league.

Managing availability online using Schedula allows the coaches making match appointments to only select those who are available. Officials can either mark their general availability or specific, one-off availability.

Match officials can also manage availability within specific regions and venues. This is more important when leagues are spread across a large geographical area. 


Schedula provides associations with the ability to use appointment information to generate official payment reports for match officials. It also facilitates the generation of club invoices to collect fees where necessary.

Associations and competitions can automatically appoint match officials based on certain criteria. Allowing Schedula to perform this function means match officials can reduce the amount of time it takes for administration work.

Schedula could be the solution for your league. Learn more here or get in touch today.