November 2022 releases are outlined below:

New Features:

  • Ability to Hide Member Types – Help Article
    • Ability to hide a specific member type on a registration form
    • Control which members can register for your organisation
  • Dark Mode – BETA – Help Article
    • BETA phase release to all customers
    • Available under account selection (top-right) with users preference stored for Dark/Light mode when logging back in
    • Provides flexibility for users with preference for Dark Mode + improved screen contrast
    • Uses less energy for screen display
    • Feedback welcome during BETA Phase – email us via [email protected]
  • Meet Manager Export Capability – Help Article
    • Meet Manager software from HY-TEK supports the management of athletics & swimming events
    • Activate Meet Manager in your GameDay account via GameDay Marketplace
    • Allows the collection of qualification standards when setting up an Event Entry event 
    • Support the ability to export data for your Event Entry event in the required format for import into Meet Manager

    Functionality changes:

    • Event Details – support for additional field validation
    • Date Range Question Field – now allows users to enter a date in the Future
    • Other minor functionality changes

    Resolved issues: 

    • Fix to maintain filters from listings in GameDay
    • Other minor bug fixes and small enhancements