It’s time to introduce you to the GameDay team! 

Get to know our fantastic group that little bit better. Up next is Senior Project Manager Thina Chelvam.

When did you join the GameDay team?

October 2019.

What is your sport of choice as a spectator?


Are there any sporting activities that you like to participate in?


Who is your sporting hero and why?

Hands down, it would have to be Michael Jordan. His charisma, work ethic, focus and charm inspired and influenced not only the world, but generations of people from all backgrounds. His determination to always be better redefined sport. 

What is your favourite sporting memory or experience?

It had always been a dream of mine to watch a basketball game at Madison Square garden. I was fortunate enough to watch the Knicks play in 2015.

Describe a normal working day for you in four sentences or less…

Every day is different depending on the phase of the projects I am working on. But my days involve a lot of meetings, pre-planning, risk mitigation, documentation and out-of-the-box thinking. And a lot of coffee that I make with a pour over!

What is your favourite way to relax?

Cooking up a storm that can be enjoyed with friends and family.

Do you have any pets?

I have a mini Groodle and her name is Aila but usually goes by the name Menace!

Favourite band/musician?

Tupac, Dr. Dre or Jay Z.

What is something you want to achieve in 2021?

Get my dog to like me more than my wife!