GameDay are pleased to have partnered with Tenpin Bowling Australia as we look to support the registration process for their national junior programme, Bowl Patrol. 

The connection between ourselves and Tenpin Bowling Australia originated thanks to our existing partnership with the International Bowling Federation (IBF), who utilise GameDay’s registration functionality for their international events.

Providing one seamless solution that searches all available Bowl Patrol programmes Australia-wide, we will help provide a simple, streamlined, and high-speed solution to the Tenpin Bowling Australia end-user’s experience during the registration process.

GameDay will facilitate Bowl Patrol users with fast search results and allow integrated secure online payment functionality, whilst also providing the capability for international registrations in the future.

Designed to introduce primary school-aged children to the great fun of tenpin bowling, Bowl Patrol is specifically designed to provide a fast, fun, active experience that also teaches the fundamental skills of bowling.

Emily Rennes, Tenpin Bowling Australia programme & development manager, said: “We’re serious about our growth and development alongside other national and international junior sports products globally. 

“Capturing data in an easy-to-use, secure location means our customers can trust the online experience will match the in-centre one.”

Andy Graham, GameDay general manager, said: “Bowl Patrol is such an excellent programme. 

“It’s just one example of how great sporting organisations like Tenpin Bowling Australia are up for the challenge of growing their sport. GameDay is purpose-built for the challenge of growing with them.”

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