One of our legacy products; GameDay Classic, will continue through the next phase of our product consolidation strategy which will see the permanent closure of this platform.

The next phase will require a number of customers to transition off GameDay Classic before the end of May 2023.

Many GameDay Classic customers have already transitioned to another GameDay product to manage their Membership, Events, Online Shop and/or Website.

The next phase of this product consolidation project will run from February to May 2023 and will involve selected customers utilising GameDay Classic for their Membership, Events, Online Shop and Websites.

Customers that have been contacted by GameDay should ensure all required data and settlement reports are extracted prior to their agreed deadline to transition off GameDay Classic onto one of our other Products. 

Below are some further details on how this change will work along with some FAQs.


What date will my access be removed from GameDay Classic?

Access will be removed for selected customers from Wednesday 31st May 2023. This date applies to customers that have been contacted by email in early February 2023 providing this notification.

How do I extract the data I need?

To extract these reports, please click on the below links:

This is the first time I am hearing this – what do I do next?

If you have yet to be made aware of this, please contact your parent organisation/governing body. If you do not fall under a governing body and have not heard from GameDay, please contact us as soon as possible via [email protected]

How will this transition work?

  • Depending on the type of customer, either a GameDay representative or your sport’s governing body will work with you to transition to your new GameDay product. Training and support will be provided to start using your new platform as part of the onboarding process.

  • There will also be onboarding guides available to you via in-app support and/or via the online GameDay Help Centre:

  • Shortly after you are set up on the new GameDay product, access to GameDay Classic will be removed – this will only occur after your final settlement (if applicable)

  • Please ensure you have downloaded any data that you will require from GameDay Classic prior to access being removed (refer to links above) 

  • Any old links such as registration forms or online shop pages should be removed from your website

  • GameDay will also disable any old links that may be accessible to the public online

What happens after this?

  • Your organisation will start to utilise your new GameDay product to accept registrations and payments, run your events or manage your online shop or website

  • Any settlements will continue to be paid to your previously nominated bank account. 

  • For any technical support enquiries, please contact your sport’s governing body – they will have the answer to your question in most cases!

  • GameDay technical support can also be requested via our support request form

Why this change?

There are a few reasons why we’re making this change; our newest GameDay Products are built on modern technology and provide the latest features, updates and security for all our customers. 

Our new GameDay products also provide customers with;

  • Improved user experience and a fresh new user interface

  • Latest technology and integrations

  • Access to GameDay Marketplace partners and integrations

  • Faster load times and more reliable platform stability

  • Continued secure payment and secure hosting on AWS

  • Personal email account sign-on and identity management

  • Access to continued feature releases and updates on our latest technology

How can I find out more about the new products available?

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about the settlement process via GameDay Support or by contacting our customer support team.

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About GameDay

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