It’s time to introduce you to the GameDay team! 

Get to know our fantastic group that little bit better. Today we’ll be finding out more about Senior EMEA Sport Specialist Dan Bignell

When did you join the GameDay team?

October 2017.

What is your sport of choice as a spectator?

Football, Golf, Boxing, MMA.

Are there any sporting activities that you like to participate in?

Football, Golf, Running and Snowboarding.

Who is your sporting hero and why?

Tiger Woods – a man who single-handedly changed the way the entire world sees the sport he dominated for so long. He persevered through prejudice and misjudgement with consummate discipline and hard work. Nobody had a bigger impact on me sporting-wise than Tiger Woods, and he has one of the greatest comeback stories ever!

What is your favourite sporting memory or experience?

Winning a father/son golf tournament with my dad. There is winning, and then there is winning with your old man!

Describe a normal working day for you in four sentences or less…

Days do vary a lot! Typically I am up early to chat to one or several of the team in Australia. Project calls with one of our sport partners, planning implementation, problem solving, process mapping. Invariably getting to learn something new about the way different sports operate and keep them moving forward. 

What is your favourite way to relax?

I have the horrible condition of needing to earn my relaxation! So normally that means a trail-run somewhere out in the wilderness, followed by reading (fiction or non-fiction), listening to music or whipping up a random meal in the kitchen that never gets written down or remembered!

Favourite band/musician?

Kendrick Lamar, J Dilla and Led Zeppelin.

What is something you want to achieve in 2021?

Injuries permitting, I want to get at least 500 miles of running done this year. I also plan to get another formal qualification completed before 2021 is out.